About Us

Amsteele System has been servicing the Southern African region in evolving corporate structures since 1969.

Our core business is the pre-stressing of concrete structures. Pre-stressing occurs when a beneficial force is permanently introduced into a structure before the loads are applied. This is achieved by the stressing of suitably arranged, high-strength, pre-stressing tendons. The favourable stress conditions induced in the structure enable efficient use of building materials and improved structural geometry, while controlling or reducing deformations.

Our pre-stressing licensor is Dywidag- Systems International (DSI) from Munich, Germany. DSI’s reputation for reliability and performance across the entire spectrum of pre-stressing started as early as 1927, when they post-tensioned the arch-bridge Alsleben using a prototype DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning bar system.

Since then, DYWIDAG has continuously improved its systems to keep up with the growing demand for modern construction technology. DSI offers a complete product line in strand pre-stressing (bonded, unbonded and external) as well as stay cables. South Africans will be familiar with the iconic Nelson Mandela Bridge in Newtown, Johannesburg, the most striking feature of which is the cable stays installed by Amsteele Systems utilising DSI systems and expertise.

DSI is a leader in its field with operations world-wide and a pre-eminent market position in the economic powerhouses of the USA and Germany.

Amsteele Systems also supplies and installs cable stay systems from Redaelli, Italy; rebar couplers and building systems from Ancon, UK; specialist high strength bar and geotechnical components from Staalwerk Annahutte, Austria.

We have operations in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban and are active throughout the Southern African region as well as in East and West Africa. To date, we have completed, or are busy with projects in Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


Amsteele Systems is a member of SAFCEC, SEIFSA, MEIBC, PTI (USA) and SAPTA. We have a level 7CE and 7GB CIDB (Consruction Industry Development Board) accreditation.

Our level 4 BBBEE certification provides a 100% procurement recognition level and is a reflection of our commitment to the upliftment of our employees and local communities. Black employee shareholders have a controlling interest in a 30% employee share vehicle.

Pre-stressing site personnel undergo intensive in-house training and key employees have PTI
(Post-Tensioning Institute USA) Site Supervision accreditation.

The Company offers employees an on-going Adult Based Education Training (ABET) and assists with training for employees in their chosen fields of study.

As part of the Company’s social development portfolio, Amsteele Systems supports SAFCEC’s Construction Care Fund.