Rebars Couplers & Building Systems

Amsteele Systems provides a full range of Rebar Couplers as well as an extensive range of Building Systems as supplied by
Ancon Systems UK.

Reinforcing Bar Couplers

Simplify the design and construction of concrete. Lapped joints are not always an appropriate means of connecting reinforcing bars. The use of laps can be time consuming in terms of design and installation and can lead to greater congestion within the concrete because of the increased amount of rebar used.

Ancon couplers can simplify the design and construction of reinforced concrete and reduce the amount of reinforcement required.

Lapped joints are dependent upon the concrete for load transfer. For this reason, any degradation in the integrity of the concrete could significantly affect the performance of the joint. The strength of a mechanical splice is independent of the concrete in which it is located and will retain its strength despite loss of cover as a result of impact damage or seismic event.

The Acon range of reinforcing bar couplers is the most comprehensive available and includes tapered threaded, parallel threaded, mechanically bolted and grouted couplers. Stainless steel couplers complete the range.

CXL Brochure
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Ancon Tapered Thread Couplers
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MTB Brochure
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Ancon Lockable Dowels
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Amsteele Systems supply the following range of Ancon Couplers:


The Tapered Thread coupler is designed to suit the majority of applications, which require the joining of reinforcing bars. The ends of the rebar are cut square and a tapered thread is cut onto the bar to suit the tapered thread coupler. The sleeve is tightened onto the threaded bar end using a calibrated torque wrench.


CXL Plus couplers provide a full strength joint and are the smallest couplers in the Ancon range. They are particularly appropriate for applications where fatigue is an issue. The ends of the bars are cut square and marginally enlarged. A parallel thread is then rolled onto the ends to suit the threaded sleeve. The coupler is installed using a pipe or chain wrench. Calibrated torque wrenches are not required.


MBT couplers are suitable where it is not convenient to have the bar ends prepared for parallel thread or tapered thread couplers. The bars are supported within the coupler on two serrated saddles. Bars are locked in place by a series of special lockshear bolts, the heads of which shear off when the predetermined tightening torque is reached, providing a visual check of correct installation.



Building Products - Lockable Dowels

Lockable dowels have been designed by Ancon for use at temporary movement joints, most commonly found in post-tensioned concrete frames.

The dowels allow initial shrinkage of the concrete to take place and are then locked in position with a mechanical plate and a controlled amount of epoxy resin. The locked dowels continue to transfer shear, but prevent

further movement taking place.

Advantages of Lockable Dowels:

  • Eliminate pour strips
  • Reduce propping times
  • Reduce formwork
  • Improve site access
  • Faster, safer construction
  • Proven performance




Building Products - DSD / ESD Shear Load Connectors

The DSD range of connectors offers significant advantages over plain dowels. Each connector is a two-part assembly comprising a sleeve and a dowel component. Installation is a fast and accurate process, drilling of either formwork or concrete is not required. The sleeve is simply nailed to the formwork ensuring subsequent alignment with the dowel, essential for effective movement.

They are manufactured from stainless steel to ensure a high degree of corrosion resistance with no requirement for additional protection.

Free software is available from Ancon that simplifies the design of movement joints in reinforced concrete. For a given application, Ancon’s design program will calculate the size and quantity of shear load connectors required, the edge distance and spacings at which they should be installed, and details of the local reinforcement.

Ancon DSD

The Ancon DSD is the original two-part, double dowel, shear load connector. The two dowels are Duplex stainless steel bar. The dowel component can move longitudinally within the sleeve to accommodate movement. The connector is available in ten standard sizes and has design capacities from around 20kN to over 950kN. The larger connectors can be used in joints up to 60mm wide. Larger joints can be accommodated using special dowels.

Ancon DSDQ

The Ancon DSDQ shear load connector uses the same dowel component as the Ancon DSD, but the cylindrical sleeve is contained within a rectangular box section to allow lateral movement in addition to longitudinal movement. There are nine standard sizes which have design capacities from around 30kN to over 950kN.

Ancon ESD

The Ancon ESD shear load connector is used where loads are small, but where alignment is critical. It is available in four sizes with each size available in two lengths. The dowel component is Duplex stainless steel bar.

Ancon ESDQ

The Ancon ESDQ shear load connector uses the same dowel as the ESD, but the cylindrical sleeve is contained within a rectangular box section to allow lateral movement or rotation in addition to longitudinal movement.

Ancon DSD and ESD Shear Load Connectors
Download Ancon_DSD___ESD_Shear_Load_Connectors_-_2016_19861.pdf
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