Amsteele Systems offers Thread Bar Anchors, Strand Anchors, Soil Nails, Drill Hollow Bar Systems and Minipiles to the geotechnical industry.
Amsteele Systems also supply high strength round and threaded bars as well as a wide range of formwork tie-bars for the general construction industry.

These systems can be used to tie back deep excavations, stabilize slopes, anchor retaining walls, bridge abutments and foundations for cable-stayed bridges, strengthen dams, roof and wall supports in mining and tunneling and general foundation upgrades.

Amsteele Systems provides products and systems from Stahlwerk Annahutte (SAL) as well as a range of other accredited International suppliers.

Amsteele Thread Bar Anchors

Amsteele Thread Bar Anchors are actively tensioned systems. The systems consist of three components; a bonded length, an unbonded length and an anchor head. As a result of the active tensioning, the structures are stabilized and deformations of both the system and the retained civil structure is minimized or eliminated.

Thread bar systems are offered in sizes, ranging from 18mm to 75mm diameter with ultimate load capacities ranging from 204 kN to 4,572 kN.

Advantages of Thread Bar Systems include:

  • Easy handling and transportation. Couplers can be used for length flexibility
  • Stressing and de-stressing is simplified by the use of threaded anchorages
  • The thread imparts increased bonding between the bar and the grout
  • Temporary anchors can be simply removed through a threaded sleeve
  • Stiffness improves overhead installation workability
  • Corrosion protection can be temporary-standard (SCP), advanced temporary (galvanizing) (ASCP) or permanent double (DCP)
Thread Bar Anchors

Amsteele Strand Anchors System

Strand anchor systems utilize multiple, plastic coated strands, which can be made up of either 12,9mm or 15,2mm individual strands. Ultimate load capacities of individual strands are: 12,9mm - 186 kN, 15,2mm - 265 kN.

Advantages of Strand Anchor systems include:

  • Handling and transportation. Strand can be coiled to any length with no coupling required
  • Easy installation due to flexibility and reduced weight
  • Working load can be increased by increasing the number of strands
  • DCP available
  • Strand is greased and plastic coated under controlled factory conditions
Strand Anchors System

Rock Bolts And Soil Nails

The principle of soil nailing is to install reinforcing steel (soil nails) in the undisturbed soil to increase the tensile and shear strength. As a result, a monolithic composite body is created from the existing soil, which is comparable to a gravity retaining wall taking external load.

Soil nails and rock bolts bars are offered in sizes ranging from 16mm to 75mm and ultimate load capacities from 201 kN to 3,535 kN.

Advantages of Soil Nails And Rock Bolts:

  • Available in temporary -standard corrosion protecton (SCP), advanced temporary (galvanizes) (ASCP) or permanent - double (DCP)
  • Domed plate and nut allows for angle compensation up to 15 degrees
  • Length and additions flexibility through use of couplers
Rock Bolts and Soil Nails


Micropiles are pressure grouted piles of a small diameter up to 300mm, able to transfer loads through skin friction into deeper, stable soil layers. Micropiles have high carrying capacity due to well targeted injection with a small bar diameter. Micropiles are able to transfer tension, compression or alternating loads. Micropile bars are available in diameters from 20mm to 75mm and ultimate load capacities from 175 kN to 3,535 kN.

Advantages of Amsteele Micropiles:

  • Threaded bar allows for easy cutting and splicing using couplers
  • Thread provides for high shear and bond transfer between bar and grout
  • Thread is robust
  • Temporary-standard (SCP), Advanced temporary (galvanized) (ASCP) and permanent - double (DCP) corrosion protection available
  • A small drill hole is required

Self Drilling Hollow Bar System

As the name implies, self-drilling hollow bar systems utilize the permanent bar as both the drill rod, with a disposable bit, and grouting tube, which reduces operations and therefore installation time.

Self-drilling hollow bars are available in diameters from 32mm to 108mm and ultimate load capacities of 210 kN to 2,500 kN.

Advantages of Self-Drilling Hollow Bar System:

  • Increased productivity due to drilling, anchoring installation and grouting being a single operation
  • Drill bits available for a variety of soil and rock conditions
  • Threaded bar allows for coupling and flexibility in length
  • The hollow core allows for both flushing during drilling and grouting after installation
  • Installation methods are standard for varying soil and rock conditions
Self Drilling Hollow Bar System

Tie Rods and Formwork Ties

Amsteele Systems provides a large variety of steel qualities and diameters of SAS threadbars, which can efficiently fulfil the requirements of any construction design.

Tie Rods:

Main applications of tie rods are bracing for embankments, sheet pile structures and to tie back retaining walls.


  • Screwable, coarse thread ribs over the full length of the bar with self-cleaning thread effect
  • Cutting or extension with coupler possible at any position of the thread bar
  • Individual customized lengths are available
  • Various thread bar diameter in different steel grades are available for many applications
  • Availability of special treated bars and accessories – hot-dipped galvanized, sacrificial corrosion, epoxy coating, heat shrink sleeves, DCP with cement grout and sheathing

Form Ties:

Amsteele Systems supply SAS form ties and accessories that are used worldwide by well-known leading formwork companies and building contractors to connect and anchor concrete formworks and scaffolding in civil and structural engineering projects



SAS 850 / 950 FB (Economical): 15mm diameter with an ultimate load capacity of 166 kN

  • 30% reusability due to hardened surface and better bending characteristics
  • Non-sensitive to weld splatter
  • Higher corrosion resistance than cold-rolled thread bars
  • Robust, site-proven, self-cleaning thread

SAS 900 / 1050 FC (Advanced): 15mm diameter with an ultimate load capacity of 186 kN and 20mm diameter with an ultimate load capacity of 330 kN

  • Advanced development; the next generation of hot rolled thread bar
  • Improved bendability
  • Approved quality – DlBt Technical Approval
  • Higher charpy value; more than 27 Joule at -20° C

SAS 900 / 1100 FA (Weldable): 15mm diameter with an ultimate load capacity of 195 kN, 20mm diameter with an ultimate load capacity of 345 kN and 26,5mm diameter with an ultimate load capacity of 606 kN

  • Weldable
  • Improved bendability
  • Approved quality – DlBt Technical Approval
  • Higher charpy value; more than 27 Joule at -20° C