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Amsteele Systems (Pty) Ltd offers technologically proven construction solutions to Geotechnical, Civil Engineering and Building projects in Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Amsteele Systems, first in the form of CCL South Africa, and in evolving corporate structures since, has been servicing the Region since 1969

The Company's core business is the design, supply and installation of pre-stressing systems. Millions of square meters of post-tensioned slabs and most post-tensioned bridges in the region have been post-tensioned using systems licensed to Amsteele Systems.

Both bonded and un-bonded systems are offered to building and civil structures. Post-tensioned slab applications include parking garages, offices, residential complexes, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, airport terminals and sports stadiums. Civil projects include beams, bridges, reservoirs, silos and general heavy structures.


Post-tensioning services offered include design by either internal or externally based registered professionals utilizing the renowned ADAPT software.

Complimentary to the prestressing systems Amsteele also offers products and services in Geotechnical, Heavy Lifting and Steel Construction Systems.

The full range of Geotechnical products and services are offered from Thread Bar, Self-drilling Hollow Bar Anchors, Ground Anchors (temporary or permanent), Soil Nails, Rock Bolts & Resin Bolts.

Heavy Lifting and Moving services are provided for any heavy structures such as Bridges, Control Towers and Water Towers and Tanks.

Amsteele Systems is also a regional supplier of Ancon, UK Building Systems which include Tapered Thread and MBT reinforcing bar couplers as well as Shear Connectors, Dowel Bars and Shear Studs.

For bridges and structures the company has a range of support and movement bearings; including Elastomeric and "Kilcher" types.